Jack Lees on Drums and Percussion

Photo by Dan Boissy

Jack Lees Drummer/Percussionist


Jack holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in music from The University of Miami School of Music as well as a B.A. in Theatre from Occidental College in Los Angeles. He studied rudimental technique with Mike Englander in Los Angeles, and Harry Hawthorne in Miami. Drumset instructors have included Steve Rucker (University of Miami), M. B. Gordy, and the late Nora Davenport. He has studied Latin percussion with Luis Conte, Alex Acuna, Luis “wiso” Santiago, and Martin Galagarza, to name only a few.

Work Experience
As a drummer and a percussionist, Jack covers many stylistic bases. Work experience includes countless original music performance projects as well as Top 40, R&B tenures, smooth jazz, casuals, musical theatre pit work (“Brigadoon”, “Big River”, “Heart Beats”), and work as an accompanist for modern dance classes at Miami’s New World School of the Arts. He has performed Latin music with Candi Sosa, and Cecilia Noel; and has recorded with Steve Rucker & Matt Bonelli (Bee Gee’s) as well as with Rap Artist “Evil E.” Jack is also available for “sidelining” work, and has appeared on Star Trek: Voyager in that capacity.